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Violins for Sale in our Santa Clara, California showroom

A Strad Model 1700 violin by Ernst Heinrich Roth. Born in Erlangen, Bubenreuth Germany, 1955

Strad Model 1725 violin by Ernst Heinrich Roth. Born in Markneukirchen, Germany in the 1920’s

Jean Baptiste “GRAND GERARD” violin born in Mirecourt, France – circa 1810

Commercial French violin, c.1934 – Laberte Humbert Freres label. Offered with case

Early 20th Century violin with Wittner mechanical tuning pegs. Born in Mirecourt, France

A Klaus Heffler, Guaneri model 702 violin. From Germany, 2008

 A G.A. Pfretzschner Guarneri Model violin. Born in Markneukirchen, Germany. 1920’s

An American Violin, Born in the Early 1900’s. (No label)

Jon. Bap. Schweitzer label, circa 1900. A violin born in Markneukirchin, Germany.

Jerome Thebouville Lamy (JTL) Medio Fino violin; upgraded with all new ebony board and fittings. Born in France, 1900’s

a violin by Josef Holpuch. Born in Luby, Czech Republic, 2006

A fine violin imported by Lyon and Healy. Born in Marneukirchen, Germany. Circa 1900

Early 20th Century copy of a violin by Francios Barzoni. Born in Markneukirchen

A unique sounding antique violin born in the Wien region, Bohemian / Klingenthal, 1770’s. Bogler Label. Possibly by J.C. Leidolff

A Clement & Weise, Strad model #120 violin. Born in Bubenreuth, Germany, 2001

A beautiful antique violin, Circa 1820. Born in the Vogtland region of Germany

E.H. Roth Model 120R, copy of a Strad from 1700. Born in 1966, Erlangen, Bubenreuth, Germany (Vern’s Favorite Violin!) Incredible balance and playability

An excellent violin imported  by the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company. Born in Markeukirchen, 1900’s

A loud and Bold violin by Ernst Reinhold Schmidt, circa 1920. Markneukirchen, Germany

Born 1830 in Mirecourt France. A Fine violin by Augustin Claudot

An E.H. Roth copy of a Strad violin from the year 1700; Model 120R. Born in Bubenreuth, 1968.

Early 20th Century copy of a 1714 Stradivari model violin. Grafted neck. Markneukirchen, Germany

A 1965 E.H. Roth model IR violin. Reproduction of a Stradivari from 1714. Born in Bubenreuth, Erlangen, Germany

Strad Model 1700 violin By Ernst Heinrich Roth. 1954, Erlangen, Bubenreuth Germany

Strad Model 1718 IVR violin By Ernst Heinrich Roth. 1925, Markneukirchen, Germany

A beautiful antique violin from 1845 by F.W. Gutmann. Blasewitz, Dresden Germany

John Juzek “Master Art” Label, model #64 violin. Born 1920 in Prague, Czechoslavakia

E.H. Roth IXR copy of Josef Guarnerius 1736 model violin. Born 1918 in Markneukirchin, Germany

EXCELSIOR! A Great violin by Alfred Moritz from 1888. Markeukirchen, Germany

A superb violin made in Markneukirchen by Heinrich Th. Heberlein in 1911.

A very nice violin from Paris, France. Charles J.B. Collin-Mezin GRAND SOLISTE no.31 “Le Victorieux”

A mid-1800’s violin from the Klingenthal region. Marked “F C G” inside

Otto Hausmann 1950’s violin from Mittenwald, Germany. Label is “Viotoni”

A responsive and powerful violin from Mirecourt, France. Born early 1900’s.

A fine American violin by Robert Glier, #1778. Cincinnati, Ohio 1894

A Strad model 1714 from Salvador Durro, 1920’s. Markneukirchen, Germany

JTL violin made in Mirecourt, France. Circa 1890’s. Nicholas Duchene label

American violin from the 1920’s. Jackson-Guldan “National Institute First Violin” Perfect for the advancing student

Lowendahl. German / Czech violin

Paulus and Kruse label 1920’s Markneukirchen violin