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Violins for Sale in our Santa Clara, California showroom

American Violin, c.1960 by Ludwig (Son of Leo Auschuer)  (Purchase here if available)

German made faked antique 1703 Italian violin, ‘David Tecchler Liutaro’  (Purchase here if available)

A Fine Antique French Violin, Pierre Silvestre label. Circa 1860.  (Purchase here if available)

An Antique Prague violin from Johann Kuljk, Double perfling model. Circa 1848.  (Purchase here if available)

An American violin by C. Bostic, Fall River Massachusetts. 1925 (Sold, gallery pictures only)

A very sweet and lovely sounding antique violin from Austria, Late 18th Century (Purchase here if available)

Charles Claudot, circa 1830 from Mirecourt, France. L.O.B.355 (Purchase here if available)

Imperial Branded Violin from Japan, c.1920. L.O.B. 358 (Purchase here if available)

A beautiful and powerful antique American Violin from Allen S. Martin, 1918 – SOLD

An antique French violin from the early 1900’s with a Hill & Sons label. Made in Mirecourt (Purchase here if available)

A modern Italian violin (2013) by Alessandro Ceciliati from Ferrara (Purchase here if available)

This antique Saxon violin has the most extreme arching we have seen to date. “Archie”! (Purchase here if available)

A beautifully antiqued violin by Karl Weigandt – Signed under top. Brunndöbra, Germany. (Purchase here if available)

An early American violin made by Asa Warren White. Signed November 1875. “Number 143”. Built in Boston, Mass. (SOLD – Gallery pictures only)

A beautifully preserved 1961 E.H. Roth violin from Erlangen, Germany. Model VIII R (Purchase here if available)

2015 (New) Italian violin from the shop of Schudtz in Cremona, Italy. Made by Andrea Solzi. Comes with certificate – SOLD

A very responsive, powerful and balanced violin made in 1929.  By Heinrich Th. Heberlein, Jr., Markneukirchin, Germany. A copy of a Stradivarius from 1718. (Purchase here if available)

A very powerful French violin from Augustin Claudot. Beautiful signature yellow finish. Circa 1830 (Purchase here if available)

Jean Baptiste “GRAND GERARD” violin made in Mirecourt, France – circa 1810 (Purchase here if available)

Commercial French violin, c.1934 – Laberte Humbert Freres label. Offered with case (Purchase here if available)

Early 20th Century violin with Wittner mechanical tuning pegs. Born in Mirecourt, France (Purchase here if available)

A Klaus Heffler, Guaneri model 702 violin. From Germany, 2008 – SOLD

 A G.A. Pfretzschner Guarneri Model violin. Made in Markneukirchen, Germany. 1920’s (Purchase here if available)

An American Violin, Born in the Early 1900’s. (No label) (Purchase here if available)

Jon. Bap. Schweitzer label, circa 1900. A violin from Markneukirchin, Germany. – SOLD

A French violin made in Mirecourt. Late 19th Century. Gorgeous golden blonde varnish. – SOLD

A beautiful violin by Josef Holpuch. Made in Luby, Czech Republic, 2006 (Purchase here if available)

A fine violin imported by Lyon and Healy. Born in Marneukirchen, Germany. Circa 1900 – SOLD

Early 20th Century copy of a violin by Francios Barzoni. Made in Markneukirchen, Germany – (Purchase here if available)

A unique sounding antique violin born in the Wien region, Bohemian / Klingenthal, 1770’s. Bogler Label. Possibly by J.C. Leidolff. (Purchase here if available)

A Clement & Weise, Strad model #120 violin. Born in Bubenreuth, Germany, 2001 (Purchase here if available)

A beautiful antique violin, Circa 1820. Born in the Vogtland region of Germany. (Purchase here if available)

An excellent violin imported  by the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company. Born in Markeukirchen, 1900’s. – SOLD

Mirecourt France, Circa 1830. A Fine French violin by Augustin Claudot. -(Purchase here if available)

An E.H. Roth copy of a Strad violin from the year 1700; Model 120R. Bubenreuth, Germany 1968. (Purchase here if available)

A Czech violin made in Schönbach in the early 1900’s. Imported and labeled by Horsteiner. Beautiful brown varnish. (Purchase here if available)

Early 20th Century copy of a 1714 Stradivari model violin. Grafted neck. Markneukirchen, Germany. (Purchase here if available)

A 1965 E.H. Roth model IR violin. Reproduction of a Stradivari from 1714. Made in Bubenreuth, Erlangen, Germany. (Purchase here if available)

Strad Model 1700 violin By Ernst Heinrich Roth. 1954, Erlangen, Bubenreuth Germany.(SOLD – Gallery pictures only)

An American violin by Charles E. Farley, Boston Massachusetts, 1920. American woods, orange brittle oil varnish, one piece back, wide grain top, seamed 2 piece neck. (Purchase here if available)

A beautiful antique violin from 1845 by F.W. Gutmann. Blasewitz, Dresden Germany. (Purchase here if available)

John Juzek “Master Art” Label, model #64 violin. From 1920 in Prague, Czechoslavakia. – SOLD

EXCELSIOR! A Great violin by Alfred Moritz from 1888. Markeukirchen, Germany. (Purchase here if available)

A very nice violin from Paris, France. Charles J.B. Collin-Mezin GRAND SOLISTE no.31 “Le Victorieux”. (Purchase here if available)

Otto Hausmann 1950’s violin from Mittenwald, Germany. Label is “Viotoni”. (Purchase here if available)

A responsive and powerful violin from Mirecourt, France. Born early 1900’s. (Purchase here if available)

An American Violin manufactured by Robert Glier, Cincinnati, Ohio. Circa 1895. (Purchase here if available)

A Strad model 1714 from Salvador Durro, 1920’s. Markneukirchen, Germany. (Purchase here if available)

JTL violin made in Mirecourt, France. Circa 1890’s. Nicholas Duchene label. (Purchase here if available)

Lowendahl. German / Czech violin. (Purchase here if available)

An American violin by Louis Krieckhaus, St. Louis, Missouri. (Purchase here if available)

A 1937 Otto Brückner violin made in Markneukirchen, Germany (Purchase here if available)

A German copy of a 1713 Strad violin model from the mid 1900’s. – SOLD

A gorgeous Early 20th Century violin with Wittner mechanical pegs. German, no label. – SOLD

20th Century German violin (no label). Medium flame throughout. Antiqued. Very good original condition. – SOLD

1998 “Sofia Grande” by Moroslov Tsonev. Model 159, Bulgarian Violin. (Purchase here if available)

A French 3/4 size violin from Mirecourt. Possibly Augustin Claudot, or school (no label). Circa 1850. (Purchase here if available)

A French 3/4 size violin with a German repair label. Circa 1900, Mirecourt. (Purchase here if available)

Early 1900’s German 3/4 size violin from Markneukirchen. 1716 Strad model. – SOLD

German Pernambuco Violin bow, “Leon Pique” 62 grams. Nickle/Silver

Brazillian Pernambuco Violin bow “Ronaldo Siqueira”. Silver mountings, 61.8 grams

Brazillian Pernambuco Violin bow “Camilo Hepculano” Silver mountings, 61 grams

German Pernambuco Violin bow in the style of JBV, “VUILLIAME” Stamp, 58 grams

German Pernambuco Round Violin bow from the early 1900’s. Lined in silver, 58 grams

Master Level German Pernambuco Violin bow by GEORG WERNER. Silver with Abalone, Sterling tip plate. 63 grams

One of our Favorite violins. Sweet and balanced. c.1944 by Curt Zeidler, Krappitz OR. German/Polish (Sold, picture gallery only)

Handmade American Violin from 1932 by George Blair. Spokane, Washington (Sold, gallery only)

An antique American violin from Joseph Winner, 1860. Length of back 366mm. Guarneri pattern. (Purchase here if available)

German Viola, 15.25″ ( SOLD – Gallery pictures only)

From the Markneukirchen, Germany workshop of Otto Brückner comes this balanced and lively violin born in 1939.(SOLD – Gallery pictures only)

Strad Model 1725 violin by Ernst Heinrich Roth. Markneukirchen, Germany 1920’s (SOLD – Gallery pictures only)

E.H. Roth IXR copy of Josef Guarnerius 1736 model violin. From 1918, Markneukirchin, Germany. (SOLD – Gallery pictures only)

A mid-1800’s violin from the Klingenthal region. Marked “F C G” inside. (SOLD – Gallery pictures only)

Paulus and Kruse label 1920’s Markneukirchen violin (SOLD – Gallery pictures only)

From in Markneukirchen, Germany, 1971. A copy of a 1716 Strad violin by Otto Brückner. (SOLD – Gallery pictures only)